North Fork SunriseI love waking up at Lava Lake Ranch. I live in a yurt in the summer, and its canvas walls and big screen windows let in all the sounds of the ranch coming to life for the day. The rooster crows early, and he is followed by a host of songbirds and the chortling call of the sandhill cranes who nest near Copper Creek. Tim’s mule, Stitch, joins the chorus with his comical bray. Often I hear Pedro’s diesel truck firing up as he heads out to check on our herders. The air is so clear I can hear the low hum of a semi driving down Highway 20 a few miles away. Time to get up…

This week we cooked up some new lamb sausages for breakfast – some of our customers prefer not to eat pork products, and asked if we could make sausages with non-pork casings (nearly all non-kosher sausages have pork casings). So we are trying lamb casings – they are much narrower, so these sausages look like a long breakfast link. They were delicious! They were great with scrambled eggs but would be good with other dishes too. I probably wouldn’t grill them because they are so narrow – I think they would cook too fast on a hot grill. But they are quick and easy on the stove top. You can find them on the website. Whatever sounds started your day, go out and make it a good one!

Kathleen Bean

Lava Lake Ranch