Curbside recycling takes on a whole new meaning when the closest curb is about 50 miles away! Here at Lava Lake Ranch, we are on a dirt road, two miles off the highway, which is 18 miles from the closest town, Carey, which doesn’t have a curb in sight. From Carey, it is another 28-30 miles to Hailey, which does have curbside recycling if you live in town.

We have done some recycling in the past, but it was really a pain, so we didn’t do it on a regular basis. This year, we made a conscious decision to recycle here at the ranch.  Not only do we feel it is important for the environment, but we also wanted our two children (Bodie – 10 and Payson – 7) to understand why we recycle and continue with it, should they become urban dwellers.

We purchased plastic bins, so we could easily sort the recyclables and the kid’s chores now entail taking the recycling out, along with feeding the chickens, cats and dogs. About once a month, on my usual weekly trip to Hailey, I’ll take the overflowing bins to the transfer station for recycling. We have several herders and our foreman living on the ranch with us, and I have started to see their cans and bottles in the mix, so they are starting to follow suit.


Even though it is not an easy task to get the job done, we feel good that we are making the effort and teaching our children an important lesson at the same time.

Photo thanks to a Geek Mom’s photostream on flickr.