3789483847_f8b16c6e16Our friends at Sustainable Northwest just had a huge victory in their goal to remove dams along the Klamath River in Oregon and California. On Wednesday, government officials made the announcement that PacifiCorp, environmental groups, tribal groups, fishermen, farmers and state & federal agencies had reached a draft agreement for how the government would go about removing dams. The Department of the Interior will study the cost and impact of removal, and then must decide whether it will act on the draft proposal by 2012. Sustainable Northwest played a key role in facilitating meetings between agricultural and t208449329_ff922f5aa9ribal groups. This cooperation allowed the proposal to gain real traction. If the dams are removed, it could potentially have a  huge impact on local wildlife, particularly the salmon population. Dam removal wouldn’t begin until 2020, but if enacted, would represent the largest dam removal and river restoration project in the world.

Read more from the SNW press release, a New York Times article, or an opinion piece from the Oregonian.

Photos thanks to International Rivers and Patrick Mccully via Flickr