Photo by Alfred Palmer, Flickr

The fall newsletter of the Mountain States Transmission Interie (MTSI) Environmental Impact Statement confirmed what we had been suspecting.   The proposed route of a new Northwestern Energy 500kilovolt electronic transmission line through the Pioneers-Craters landscape has officially been taken off the table.

Energy and residential development are only just beginning to be felt in the Pioneers-Craters Landscape.  Northwestern Energy’s proposal was a warning shot to all of us who care about maintaining large wildlife populations, working farms and ranches, a diversity of ecosystems, and access for hunting and recreation in this area.

This decision was reached thanks in no small part to the grassroots efforts of the Pioneers Alliance, an association of Carey, Idaho residents, local land owners, public agencies, and conservation organizations.    Now, with the transmission line a non issue the Alliance is focusing their attentions on preserving the qualities we like best about the Pioneers.

Less power lines, more elk.  Congratulations Pioneers.