Saturday was 350 day of climate action.  5,245 events shared the biggest stage for  political action the world has ever seen, sending a very clear demand to world leaders that we need decisive action on climate change. Right now the 350 team is delivering the first batches of the 19,000 photos and hours of video taken during events to the UN Secretary General.

350 at Quigley Saddle

350 at Quigley Saddle

As I posted a couple of weeks ago, Lava Lake joined the fray with a scenic and occasionally challenging mountain bike through Idaho’s Pioneer Mountains.

With a green light after days of debate over road conditions, we met right around sunrise on Saturday at the Park & Ride in Hailey, ID.  With map in chilled hands and cardboard 350’s on our backs we took off on the first leg of our trip, thankful to be moving in the cold early hours of an Idaho October.

map photo

The Route

After climbing well over 1,000 feet in elevation we made the divide between Quigley Creek and Town Creek, entering country that only a couple members of the group had ever ridden through.  For the rest of the ride the most often uttered statement was “I had no idea this was back here.”  These are the areas seen by sheep and shepherds and almost no one else.  Beautiful and remote.


Everyone Else's Way

Our Fearless Leader's Way

Our Fearless Leader's Way

After 30 miles we were met by Randy Flood and his pink Mountain Fairy van at the historic Flat Top Ranch for lunch and regrouping.  Another 18 miles later and we were picked up in the van for the final leg to the ranch.

Mountain Fairy

Mountain Fairy With Pioneers

What better way to end a long day in the saddle then with a Lamb BBQ?  Our group retired from the dirt roads of the Pioneers to the comfort of beer and lamb at Lava Lake Ranch.  Everyone agreed that experiencing the landscape and the lamb of Lava Lake made for a great day.

Who knew demanding action on climate change could be so much fun?

group at LL

The Whole Group


Photos By Chris Corwin, Justin Stevenson, and Liz Mitchell