Some of our favorite food bloggers have been cooking up a storm with Lava Lake Lamb. They’ve been making beautiful dishes that should inspire everyone to make lamb for the holidays!

Middle Eastern Inspired Lamb Stew

from ChezUs, using Lamb Stew

Photo by ChezUs

I have had my fair share of lamb and I have to admit this was really the best lamb stew meat I have ever eaten!

-Denise from ChezUs

Soutzoukakia Smyreika with Olives (Greek Lamb Meatballs)

from Mike’s Table, using Ground Lamb

Photo by Mike's Table

Lamb Steak over Israeli Cous Cous with Cranberry Sherry Mint Sauce

from Mike’s Table, using Petite Lamb Roast

Photo by Mike's Table

I am always eager to support ranchers and farmers who are doing good things and putting out quality meat/produce, and these guys [Lava Lake Lamb] blew me away as far as their selection and the flavor of their lamb.

-Mike from Mike’s Table

Spiced Lamb Meatballs with Tomato and Yogurt

from Elly Says Opa!, using Ground Lamb

Photo by Elly Says Opa!

[Lave Lake lambs] are free to graze (never on feed lots), drink their mothers’ milk, and eat a variety of fresh range grasses and herbs.  And don’t think you can’t taste what the lambs are eating, because you can. This lamb tastes like LAMB.  If you’ve ever had an organic chicken vs. one from the grocery store or eaten Iberian ham (where you can taste the acorns the pigs have eaten) then you know what I am talking about.  Not only are you what you eat, but what  you eat tastes like that that thing ate, too!

-Elly from Elly Says Opa!

Lamb Shanks with Black Cherry Wine Sauce

from One Perfect Bite, using Lamb Shanks

Photo by One Perfect Bite

I wanted to do something really special with the lamb shanks. Such gorgeous meat deserved better than drowning in a stew pot. I pulled out a good Shiraz, my best balsamic vinegar and some dried, locally grown, cherries to make an extremely flavorful base for braising the lamb shanks. Mercy, they were good!…This is some of the best peasant food I’ve ever had.

-Mary from One Perfect Bite

Greek Influenced Lamb Kabobs

from Coconut & Lime, using Lamb Stew

Photo by Coconut & Lime

I used…amazing tender grass fed lamb from Lava Lake Lamb…The lamb was flavorful and juicy and the whole thing took about 5 minutes to make. You just can’t beat that.

-Rachel from Coconut & Lime

We’re so grateful to all of these bloggers for the wonderful food they’ve created and beautiful photos they’ve snapped.