Tomorrow is Terra Madre Day, a celebration of the Slow Food movement. This will be the first Terra Madre Day, and the movement hopes to organize an event for every minute of the day. Slow Food was founded twenty years ago to fight back against fast food and fast life, the loss of local food traditions and people’s dwindling interest in understanding their food – where it came from, how it tastes and how their choices affect the rest of the world. The movement is built upon seven pillars:

  • Agricultural and food biodiversity
  • Small-scale food production
  • Food sovereignty
  • Language, culture and traditional knowledge
  • Environmentally responsible food production
  • Fair and sustainable trade

Lava Lake is all about these values. We could keep huge numbers of sheep on our land, but we choose small numbers to reduce grazing impact on the land. Our experienced shepherds use centuries-old methods to tend their herds. We focus on environmental responsibility in raising our animals, by using innovative grazing management techniques (which have won us awards from the BLM and Forest Service), restoring habitat and working to coexist with predators.

Because we share so many values with the Slow Food movement, we wanted to join in the celebration of the first Terra Madre day. We got in touch with a few of our favorite chefs in the Sun Valley area and invite you to enjoy some Slow Food tomorrow.

In Hailey, CK‘s will be serving up some slow cooked smoked leg of lamb giros, with feta, tomatoes, romaine, sweet onions and tzatziki sauce in pitas for lunch. Over in Ketchum, Globus has slow cooked front shanks and Ketchum Grill is serving braised shanks with grilled tomato polenta. Check out these fabulous restaurants and support real, local, delicious slow food!