2009 marked Lava Lake’s emergence into the blogosphere. It took some time to assemble our blogging team and to figure out all of the tricks of WordPress, but we’re proud of the progress we’ve made. As a quick recap, here are our top 5 posts of 2009:

5. Maasai Men Can Jump

Finding connections between Maasai pastoralists living with lions and Lava Lake’s efforts to live with wolves.

4. Lamb Tagine

A delicious recipe for a Moroccan inspired lamb stew.

3. Grilled Top Round of Lamb

Gourmet inspired us to try this easily prepared cut.

2. Why You Want to Buy a Whole Lamb

Kathleen explains the economics of purchasing the full animal.

1. Where do the Pronghorn Roam?

This year we initiated a study with our partners at WCS to discover where the pronghorn migration takes place.

Thanks for reading the Lava Lake blog this year. We look forward to bringing you more great content in 2010 so keep checking in!