Here’s another round of recipes from our favorite food bloggers cooking with Lava Lake Lamb.

Herb Citrus Crusted Lamb Chops

from Chez Us, using Lava Lake Lamb Chops

Photo by Chez Us

I love French Rib Chops as I feel they really dress up a casual meal, they are so elegnant in presentation and tender in taste. I love the combination of the orange zest, garlic and rosemary with the creamiest of the lamb.  As well, being grass-fed lamb, there is a nice sweet grassiness that is very pleasant with this combination of herbs.

-Denise from Chez Us

Braised Lamb Shanks

from Zen Can Cook, using Lava Lake Lamb Shanks

Photo by Zen Can Cook

Not only did I found the quality of the lamb to be outstanding, but I also happen to agree 100% with the company philosophy. Ideally, you want lamb that has been raised sustainably, humanely, and without antibiotics or growth hormones. Ultimately, you want a lamb that gets hugged everyday. And with the nice folks at Lava Lake Ranch you get all of that.

-Zen Can Cook

Lamb with Olives

from Food Gal, using Lava Lake Lamb Stew

Photo by Food Gal

It’s the perfect foundation for this comforting stew made with lamb that not only does a body good, but a swath of nature, too.

-Carolyn from Food Gal

Leg of Lamb Prepared in a Tagine

from Flavorista, using Lava Lake Leg of Lamb

Photo by Flavorista

Over the years [Lava Lake has] preserved  not only hundreds of thousands of acres of  unique terrain along the Oregon trail, but they are also producing some of the best grass fed lamb this flavorista has ever had.

-Barr from Flavorista

Arni Youvestsi/Giovestsi

from Elly Says Opa!, using Lava Lake Lamb Petite Roast

Photo by Elly Says Opa!

Perfectly enough, though, the people at Lava Lake Lamb sent me a piece of top round lamb and right away, I knew I had to make this dish.  Now, it’s true that top round is quite a bit more tender (and cooks for less time) than the pieces usually used in this long-cooking dish, but I just had to make it.  And it turned out great! Comfort on a plate!

-Elly from Elly Says Opa!

French Lamb Chops with Fennel Pollen

from Not Without Salt, using Lava Lake Lamb Chops

Photo by NotWithoutSalt

Oh goodness am I excited about this. First there was ground lamb. Secondly I braised lamb shanks. And Thirdly we ate French lamb chops. The simplest of all preparations but quite possibly my favorite. If Rachel Ray were to prepare this she could take a 20 minute cocktail break and still be able to call it a 30 minute meal.So there you have it. Three great ways to enjoy lamb in 2010.
-Ashley from Not Without Salt
We’re so excited about the amazing recipes and photos these talented food bloggers have created using Lava Lake Lamb. Thanks to each of them for their work!