We’re going to start a new segment on the blog, highlighting different staff member’s favorite cuts of lamb. We hope this gives you some ideas for recipes and inspires everyone to try out something new. We’ll start with Cheryl, sales manager/manager of two rowdy ranch kids.

Cheryl and her family in a photo by Glenn Oakley

My favorite cut is the ground lamb because it is versatile and easy to prepare.  My favorite recipe is the Wild Rice and Lamb Meatballs, by Scott Mason of Ketchum Grill.  It is my favorite because it is so easy to prepare.  I make up large batches of this recipe and freeze the meatballs, without browning, in serving sizes for my family.  They can be taken out the day of the meal, and quickly whipped into a delicious meal.  It also makes you look like a star when you have unannounced guests coming over.  I usually make spare wild rice and serve along with the meatballs.

– Cheryl