I love when food finds its way into film. I leave films about food feeling as though I tasted every morsel depicted, when of course all I can do is watch the way an actor reacts to that first bite. My favorite example of this is in Ratatouille, when Anton Ego takes his first bite of Remy’s creation and is sent back to his childhood. What a marvelous scene!


This year’s Oscars features two great films about food, one inspiring and one, frankly frightening.

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Meryl Streep is wonderful as Julia Child; her fabulous portrayal of Julia’s quirks made me smile throughout the film, and when I returned home, I couldn’t help but gather friends and cook up a French feast. To see the real Julia in action, check out this fabulous episode of Julia Child cooking Renaissance Inspired Leg of Lamb with Lynn Rosetta Casper.

Food, Inc on the other hand, tells the disturbing story of the evolution of our food system into one completely dominated by industrial agriculture. After watching this film, one realizes how important it is to support SOLE (sustainable, organic, local and ethical) food, and to talk to your farmer/rancher. Check out the preview here, and be sure to see both of these great films.

Enjoy the Oscars!