This past weekend, several Lava Lakers drove through a mild snowstorm (only three inches in late May, no big) to Redfish Lodge for Idaho Conservation League‘s annual Wild Idaho conference. We ate well, learned much from fellow attendees and drank lots of tea to stay warm. We even reintroduced the concept of snow to baby Duncan.

(can’t you tell he’s thrilled about it)

Tess and Mike both presented at the conference. First, Tess talked about our glorious Pioneer Mountains-Craters of the Moon landscape. She then told the story of our pronghorn migration study and showed a new google earth video we recently created (we promise to post it, once we tweak it a bit more).

Mike then talked about the Pioneers Alliance, a coalition of ranchers, conservationists, scientists, business people, and elected and agency officials. The mission of the Pioneers Alliance is to protect the working farms and ranches and surrounding public lands that, through community-based stewardship, sustain the rugged and unspoiled nature of the land and wildlife of the Pioneer Mountains to Craters of the Moon landscape.

Flowers bloom on a working ranch in the Pioneer Mountains Landscape

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating Idaho’s wild places at one of the most scenic spots in the state.

Redfish Lake