Pete Cenarrusa, Lava Lake’s newest blogger, offers this recipe for longevity. We all hope to look as good as he does when we are 92.

Photo by Glenn Oakley

Consume substantial omega-3 fatty acids, found plentifully in fish and grass-fed lamb.

Add exercise and fiber of vegetables and fruits.

The key is to consume unsaturated fatty acids of grass-fed Lava Lake Lamb.

I hope to celebrate my 93rd birthday in December. I credit my longevity to the consumption of a diet mainly of lamb.

I am being inducted into the University of Idaho alumni Hall of Fame in connection with the 115th commencement exercises of the land grant U of I at Moscow on May 14.

My University degree was in Agriculture (1940). Three of my favorite and best courses were Nutrition, Organic Chemisty and Bacteriology.

I would recommend these courses to everyone in college.


At the ripe age of 92, Pete Cenarrusa is joining the Lava Lake blogging team! He is a great friend of Lava Lake, a former sheep rancher (Pete once owned our Fish Creek property), as well as the former Idaho secretary of state (a position he held for 36 years). He served in Idaho government for fifty years, which is a state record. Pete has just written a memoir, Bizkaia to Boise. We recently sent him this Wall Street Journal article on Omega-3s and here’s what he said.

Grass fed lamb is high in Omega-3.  I learned this while at the University of Idaho, College of Agriculture.

There are three fatty acids that are termed “unsaturated”:  OLEIC, LINOLEIC and LINOLENIC – these make for a good protein diet.  I have always said (preached) that lamb meat contains the highest amount of the desired unsaturated fatty acids of any red meat.  Perhaps this is why I have passed the age of 92 and hope for more!!!  These unsaturated fatty acids certainly must be linked to longevity.

This should be more widely said and advertised so that more people will know the facts.