After an afternoon rain shower passed on Tuesday, the Bennett’s and I took some spirited horses on a ride up Copper Canyon. I am always stunned at how lush everything is this time of the year; there is still a bit of snow left on Blizzard Mountain, but for the most part everything is bright green. The beavers are still enjoying life in the creek, and ducks of all types fly from pond to pond.

Tim Bennet leading the ride

Beaver Pasture at Lava Lake Main Ranch

Barn Canyon Pond at Lava Lake Main Ranch



Pronghorn in the sagebrush


Idaho is dry. Sometimes it rains, and it is very exciting.

Our eyes are habituated to shades of brown/sage green, but every spring, we get a brief glimpse of real green. Last week, we invited a new friend out to the ranch, dined on lamb burgers with tzatziki and walked around our almost-bright-green hills.

Blue Skies

It had rained all week, so imagine our delight in seeing some sunshine coincide perfectly with the arrival of our guest.

The Yurt

What better place to grill than right outside the yurt?

The Ranch

View of the Ranch from Will’s Hill.


Cheryl attracts a small gaggle of animals.


Hector trailing the sheep outside of Ketchum

Thanks to all of our wonderful moms – both humans and ewes!

Flowers blossom at barn canyon pond


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