Staff Favorites

Here’s another peak at a staff favorite. Mike Gordon does a little bit of everything here. From answering customer questions on cooking lamb, to checking in on ranch operations, to making our website look great, he handles it all.

My favorite cut is the petite roast. It’s the perfect size for a small meal or lamb gyros. Perfect roasted in the oven and served on a pita with fresh summer tomatoes and homemade tzatziki sauce.




We return to our series, highlighting Lava Lake staff favorite cuts. This week, we check in with Brian Bean, owner of Lava Lake.

My favorite is the “Captain’s Cut” — Full-on butterflied leg of lamb.  Not for the faint of heart.  Throw it on the grill and light it up!  Invite your friends.  Many friends.  The Captain’s favorite cut.  The finest lamb in the world!  Guaranteed Vivid.


Here’s our recipe for grilled butterflied leg of lamb.

Here’s another post on a staff member’s favorite cut of lamb. This time from Tim Bennett, our ranch manager.

Tim and Stitch

My favorite is the boneless leg of lamb, and I like to grill it using our Honey, Dijon and orange juice marinade.  I like this recipe because all of the flavors blend so nicely with the lamb, and it can be made up ahead of time. In fact, I usually marinate the cut for about 24 hours.  I would recommend adding some additional cuts to the thicker portion of the leg so that it grills evenly;  you may need to remove some of the smaller end pieces before the thicker cuts are done.  You want to serve this medium rare.  For those that prefer their meat more done, the end pieces work well for this.

– Tim


Here’s another staff favorite, this week from Tess O’Sullivan. Tess oversees our ambitious science and conservation program, which includes wildlife and habitat surveys, conservation projects, and the implementation of restoration and land stewardship activities. She works closely with contracting scientists, agency officials, our ranch staff, and conservation partners. She and her two adopted ranch dogs, Buddy Boy and Osso, love joining her on field work expeditions. Whether it’s a day of planting willows or hiking up steep shadeless sagebrush slopes to assess grazing use, they are always up for a ranch outing. She is hopeful that 7 month old son Duncan becomes a big fan of riding in a backpack.

The lamb curry is my favorite recipe, using shoulder. I love coming in from an outing on a cold day and serving up a big bowl of this hearty meal. If I can get organized enough, I prefer to make the recipe a day in advance because I think it tastes even better the next day. I often make this curry without all of the ingredients on hand and it still turns out well with a few substitutions and omissions. I rarely cook with beef stock, so will typically make the curry with chicken or veg stock. The marmelade, mango chutney, coconut, and golden raisins definitely add to the recipe, but I won’t make a separate trip to the store, just to track these items down.



We’re going to start a new segment on the blog, highlighting different staff member’s favorite cuts of lamb. We hope this gives you some ideas for recipes and inspires everyone to try out something new. We’ll start with Cheryl, sales manager/manager of two rowdy ranch kids.

Cheryl and her family in a photo by Glenn Oakley

My favorite cut is the ground lamb because it is versatile and easy to prepare.  My favorite recipe is the Wild Rice and Lamb Meatballs, by Scott Mason of Ketchum Grill.  It is my favorite because it is so easy to prepare.  I make up large batches of this recipe and freeze the meatballs, without browning, in serving sizes for my family.  They can be taken out the day of the meal, and quickly whipped into a delicious meal.  It also makes you look like a star when you have unannounced guests coming over.  I usually make spare wild rice and serve along with the meatballs.

– Cheryl